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Only the best care for your pet

The Vet Lounge luxury pet boarding services are available at our Coomera and Currumbin clinics. Coomera offers both cat and small dog boarding (suitable for dogs approx. 12kg and under) while Currumbin solely offers cat boarding.

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Your pet’s home away from home

Our individually decorated suites have been specifically designed to mimic the comforts of home to ensure your pet feels completely relaxed throughout their stay.

Our entire facility is completely airconditioned and relaxing piped music is played around the clock. Power points have also been installed for cats who drink from fountains or require a Feliway Diffuser (similar to a scent diffuser that emits scientifically proven calming pheromones to help settle your cat). Premium cat suites and all dog boarding suites are also fitted with televisions to help your pet feel even more at home.

A huge amount of effort and planning went into the design of our boarding suites to ensure your pet’s stay is a positive one. We have tried to incorporate a real ‘home feel’ in all of the suites while also ensuring the physical and mental needs of our guests are met. Our accommodation also offers spacious play areas for those who love to get out and explore.

What makes us different?

Just Like Home

Our individually decorated suites have been specifically designed to mimic the comforts of home to ensure your pet feels completely relaxed throughout their stay.

Trained Personnel

Veterinary staff on site six days a week and trained boarding staff on site 7 days a week. Rest assured your pet will receive the highest quality care while you’re away.

Medical Conditions

Being located within a veterinary practice means that we can also cater for pets with medical conditions. This may include injections, tableting or medical monitoring.

Daily Monitoring

Unlike most boarding facilities, we monitor and chart water and food consumption, toileting and demeanour twice daily to ensure your pet remains happy and healthy throughout their stay.

Exercise & Play

Months of research went into our boarding facility to ensure our guests physical and mental needs are being met. Our accommodation offers play areas for those who love to explore.

Temperature Control

Our entire facility is completely airconditioned for optimal comfort. Your pet will be kept cool during the warmer months and warm throughout winter.




We are more than happy to administer medication to your dog or cat during their stay. Please ensure there is enough medication to last their entire stay and it is clearly labelled.

A fee of $5.00 will be charged each day for this additional service.

Includes 2 medications given morning and afternoon. Please ask for a quote for additional medication or increased frequency of administration.


We often have diabetic cats stay with us. Please ensure you supply enough insulin and needles for your cat’s entire stay. It is also helpful to ask your vet (if it is not The Vet Lounge) to fax or email over a copy of their health history so we can care for them appropriately.

A fee of $9.00 will be charged per injection per day.

Special Diets

We are happy to feed your pet your preferred food. We have fridges and freezers available for use for fresh meat/fish or milk (lactose free). Please ensure;

1. Dry Food is labelled and supplied in an airtight container. This will ensure the food stays fresh for your pet. Dogs and Cats don’t like stale food and we don’t want them going hungry!
2. Canned food should be clearly labelled.
3. Fresh meat/fish should be frozen into individual portions and clearly labelled with your pets name and surname (ziplock bags work great!). Staff will place portions in the fridge overnight to thaw before being fed the following day. This will ensure it is fresh when fed to your pet.

A fee of $3.00 per day will be charged per day.

This fee is charged due to…..
• The additional time it takes staff to individualise diets to each boarder.
• The additional storage area required to store multiple diets.
• The additional time to ensure staff are clear on what to feed & to label your pet suite.
• The additional bowls and cleaning required if feeding both a wet and dry food.


Cats must have a current F3 vaccination. Dogs must have a current C5 vaccination. Proof of vaccination will be required.

This is very important to keep our boarding facility disease free and there will be no exceptions. The health of the pets in our care is of utmost importance, so please ensure your pet is up to date with their vaccination (given in the past 12months) or they will be refused entry.

How do I prove my pet is Vaccinated?

If you are not a client of The Vet Lounge, proof of vaccination will be required. If you cannot find proof of vaccination, you should call your vet and ask them to print you out a certificate of currency on letterhead and bring it in with you. Alternatively, your vet can send us an email with a scanned vaccination certificate on their letterhead.

Please email your pet’s vaccination certificate to:
 [email protected]
Currumbin: [email protected]


Fleas are not welcome in our boarding facility! A quality flea control product (Frontline, Comfortis, Revolution, Advantage, Advocate, Nexgard) should be applied at least 2 days prior to your dog or cat’s stay to ensure they do not bring fleas into the cattery. If we see fleas on your pet, we will administer a Comfortis flea tablet or Frontline Spot On which will be payable when you collect your pet. Both flea control products are fast acting and will provide prevention for a full month. Not only does this ensure that our suites remain flea free, but it ensures your pet doesn’t take any fleas home with them.

‘My pet got fleas from boarding!’

If you do not use flea control every month all year round, your pet is breeding fleas in your environment at home. Even if you can’t see them, they’re there! It is important you understand the flea lifecycle so you can keep your environment and your pet flea free. Pupae can survive for up to 140 days in the environment, so if your pet has just a couple of fleas before you drop them into boarding, you will have a plague of fleas when you get home and here’s why…

Fleas can lay up to 50 eggs every single day.

If your pet had just a couple of fleas before you went on holidays, you potentially have hundreds of fleas waiting for your arrival when you get home. Fleas sit unhatched waiting for the right time to emerge and when the right time comes….BAM! Vibrations from your foot steps stimulate the fleas to hatch and suddenly you have a plague which you didn’t have before you went on holidays! Pre-emerged adults can hatch in less than 1 second so as soon as you walk in the door they are hatching and wanting a feed.

Fleas jump long distances to attach themselves to your pet so they can feed and lay more eggs. As your pet moves about the house or yard, the eggs drop off and hatch in the grass, carpet or in between floor boards and you get even more fleas. This flea plague is very noticeable as they all hatch at the same time. Fleas stay in the Pupae stage (outside or inside the house) and hatch when you come home. These fleas were already there, you just didn’t notice them as they hadn’t hatched yet. Fleas don’t hatch when there is no food source around!

It is interesting to look at the SIZE of the fleas. If they are very small, they have just hatched. If they are large, they are adult fleas and have been around for longer. If you have a cat, you should also be careful of your cats carrier. If your cat has dropped eggs in their cat carrier on the way to the cattery, they will go through the life stage and wait until the perfect time to hatch. That time is when we put your cat back into the carrier and there is a food source! Don’t panic though, if they have flea control on they’ll be dead pretty quick and you won’t take home breeding fleas.

This is why we recommend using Flea Control ALL YEAR ROUND.

Comfortis starts to kill fleas in 30 minutes so it guarantees your pet won’t go home with fleas well enough to lay eggs in your environment. We have very strict cleaning policies and our suites are built in such a way that it is not favourable for fleas. Floors are meticulously vacuumed and mopped in between each boarder and our bedding sheets are washed after every use. Shelving is also wiped down thoroughly & beds are vacuumed.

Collecting your pet early

We are a small boutique boarding facility and are often booked out. It is for this reason that we do not offer refunds should you decide to shorten your pets stay and collect them early.

We are more than happy however to place a credit on your file for your next stay (must be used for a boarding stay and cannot be used on veterinary services or products).

Extending your booking

There are dozens of reasons why you may have to extend your pets booking and it happens all the time. If you need to extend your pets stay, please call us as soon as possible to ensure we can accommodate them.

For extensions of 7 days or more, a credit card payment over the phone will be required. We will charge your credit card for 7 days at a time. Any time paid for but not used will be refunded back onto your credit card when you collect your pet.

Additional time stayed (under 7 days) of your original booking can be paid when you collect your pet.

Please note, that if more than 3 days has past from your scheduled collection time and you have not contacted us, or we cannot contact you or your second contact person – your pet will be considered surrendered and abandoned. We wish we didn’t need this clause but there have been occasions where clients have not returned to pick up pets.

Entire pets


Some cats get very stressed when put into a cat carrier then put into a car….that then moves! By the time they arrive at the cattery, their stress levels are already high. Please understand that this is normal and it usually takes your cat 24 hours to settle into the cattery and learn that they are safe.

Some cats on the other hand are cool as cucumbers and ready to explore. Whatever behaviour your cat shows, know that it is a normal part of them dealing with change. It doesn’t mean they will behave like that their entire stay! Within 24 – 48 hours, most cats are relaxed and eating and drinking as normal. If they aren’t, a Feliway diffuser can be used to help them settle.

It can be helpful to some cats if they have something from home that is familiar so feel free to bring in an item of clothing or their favourite bed or blanket (please don’t bring in anything breakable).


It can help to take your dog for a short walk just prior to bringing them into the boarding suites. This will allow your dog to empty their bladder and bowels and get rid of some energy!

You are more than welcome to bring in your dogs favourite bed, blanket, toys and lead. Please make sure all beds are washed prior to coming in to remove any flea eggs and blankets are clearly labelled. While we try our hardest to keep all items in your pets suite, we can’t be responsible for any lost items. Please label everything & ensure all items are written on your admission form.


On admission, please allow 15 minutes to ensure all the paperwork is filled in, payment is made and you have time to settle in your pet. We don’t like to rush the process of settling in your pet so if you’ll be rushing for flights, please consider bringing them in, the day before, when you’ll have more time.


A discharge time will be scheduled upon boarding admission. Pickup will be scheduled bewteen the following hours:

Mon-Fri: 9am-11am or 2pm-4pm
Saturdays: 9am-11am

PLEASE NOTE: We do not discharge pets on Sundays or Public Holidays!

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