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Veterinary Care.

The Vet Lounge have been the proud recipients of multiple business awards including a Gold Coast Business Excellence Award, Telstra Business Award, Quest Business Achiever Award and more. The awards we have received and the extra certificates our veterinarians hold, are a testament to the high quality services we offer. But this is not what we are most proud of. At The Vet Lounge, we are most proud of the amount of animals we have saved and helped to feel happy and healthy again. This is what we live for. This is what we get up for every day. This is why we are here. We’re here to save animals and to ensure pets live a long and healthy life by your side.

Our Services.

We are lucky enough to have some highly experienced vets on our team, so not only can we offer all the usual general veterinary services, we are also able to offer a range of advanced services you won’t find at every vet clinic. We also have luxury cat boarding and small dog boarding facilities too!

Easy payment

options available:

Easy payment options available:

Passionate about

client education.

We know it can be overwhelming trying to understand all the information given to you in a consultation, this is why we developed our very own ‘iConsult’ app! The easy to interpret diagrams within the app will help you better understand your pet’s condition so that you can make a fully informed decision on their treatment.

We also have the ability to email you informative eBooks straight from the app so you can run back over the information at home and share this with your family.

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