Exotic & Avian Services.

Exotic pets & birds are unique and require unique veterinary care.

Here at The Vet Lounge, we understand that our feathered, scaley and small mammal friends are quite unique. Most avian and exotic pets have a special “preservation reflex” which means they are very good at hiding when they are sick. For instance, in the wild, birds will be rejected by their flock-mates if they become unwell (as to preserve the health of the rest of the flock) resulting in birds often hiding the signs of illness. Unfortunately this means that if our little avian and exotic friends are showing signs that they are unwell, they are potentially already very ill.

At The Vet Lounge, we recommend all birds and exotic pets are health checked every year so we can discuss with you diet, husbandry and keeping your pet healthy for years to come.

Remember, by the time your exotic pet or bird is showing signs of illness it is likely they are already very unwell. If you notice any signs of illness, please contact us to book a consultation.

Exotic Pet & Avian Services .

General Services:

  • New pet health checks – recommended to be done before introducing your new exotic pet or bird to ensure they are healthy and don’t pass on disease to existing pets.
  • Psittacosis testing: psittacosis (avian chlamydia) is a disease of birds that can be passed on to humans. In birds it can show up as diarrhoea/respiratory disease and even sudden death. In humans it can cause respiratory disease which can be serious in young babies and the elderly.
  • Relevant techniques to determine the sex of your bird or reptile (DNA Sexing is available for birds).
  • Baseline blood work – recommend performing a blood test when your pet is young and healthy, then if they do become unwell we have their “normal” values to refer back to.
  • Advice on proper diet and husbandry requirements.
  • Nail, wing and beak trimming.
  • Behaviour consultations.

Surgical Services:

  • Guinea Pig and Rat Desexing
  • Fracture repairs
  • Snake C-Sections
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