Puppy Preschool.

Did you know that your puppy starts to learn by 2 weeks of age? This means that by the time you get your puppy home he or she may have already developed some bad habits!

Research shows that you can make or break a puppy from the age of 6-18 weeks of age. Unfortunately, a lot of people wait until their puppy has severe social problems like barking, jumping up, fear of strangers/other dogs or biting before they start training or seek professional help. It is crucial that you train your pup now to fit into society and our Puppy Preschool classes are a great place to start!

The importance of Puppy School

Your new puppy won’t know your house rules immediately. In Puppy School we will show you how to teach your pup the correct place to urinate, the correct things to chew, the appropriate time to bark, the way they should greet guests and the difference between play time and time to settle down.

Socialisation is crucial even if you have another dog at home. At our classes, we will teach your pup how to behave around other dogs. Pups have not been socialised often grow up to fear other dogsand show agression towards them. These dogs can not be taken out to the park or for a walk because they don’t get along with others. These little things mean the world to your dog and Puppy School is a safe environment to start teaching them to love playing with other dogs, so you can both enjoy outings together.

What you will learn

During our classes you will learn how to:

  • Communicate with your pup effectively
  • Stop your pup biting
  • Toilet train your pup
  • Settle your pup down
  • Control barking now to avoid problems later
  • Handle emergency situations with your dog – toads, ticks, snakes, first aid, what’s normal and what’s not!

You will also learn the following commands:

  • Follow
  • Sit
  • Drop
  • Stay
  • Come
  • Heel (walk on lead)
  • Roll over…and more!

Class details

Day: Contact us to confirm class day

Location: The Vet Lounge Coomera

Time: 6.30pm – 7.30pm

Suitable for puppies aged: 8-16 weeks old

Duration: 5 weeks

Bring: Lead and collar

Inclusions: 5 classes, treats, graduation hat and party.

To ensure all puppies remain healthy, we require all vaccination certificates be sighted prior to class beginning.

If you wish to pop in to one of our classes to preview before you book you are more than welcome to, just contact us to arrange this with us. 

Numbers are limited, please call us on (07) 5502 3333 today to secure a spot for your pup!