It’s healthy for female pets to have at least one litter

Incorrect! In fact breeding your female dog or cat is more likely to cause her harm as it makes them more susceptible to cancers and diseases of the reproductive organs like Pyometra. Pyometra is a serious infection of the uterus which can lead to death. You also must consider potential problems with the pregnancy and birth and bringing animals into a world where there is already huge cat and dog overpopulation issues. Desexing myths debunked.

My pet’s personality will change if I get them desexed

Your pet’s personality won’t change. Desexing will however reduce unwanted behaviours associated with being entire. Having your pet desexed at the appropriate age will help reduceescaping, aggression towards others animals and excessive urination. 90% of the dogs that are handed into our practices for roaming are entire male dogs. To reduce the risk of your pet escaping to mate, please desex your pet.

My dog will lose his manhood if I get him desexed

Your dog doesn’t even know what manhood is. In fact, we promise he won’t even realise what has happened to him after the desexing procedure. An entire male can get incredibly frustrated when the need to mate hits him, either resulting in him escaping or developing behavioural issues. Desexing your male pet eliminates the possibility of him getting testicular cancer or prostate disease, so it has health benefits too!

It’s too expensive

The cost of desexing is minimal. Leaving your pet undesexed and putting them at risk of diseases and cancers could be far more costly! Desexing is part of being a responsible pet owner – budget for it before you purchase a puppy or kitten. Better still, adopt an animal from a shelter and they’ll already be desexed!

My pet will get fat

False! Desexing has no impact on your pet’s weight. Your pet will become overweight the same way humans do. Too many calories and not enough exercise. Feed your pet a healthy diet and exercise them regularly, and they’ll maintain a healthy weight.

It’s not natural to have pets desexed

Dogs and cats are domesticated species. What isn’t natural for a dog or cat is to prevent them from breeding, when all their instincts are telling them they must. Desexing eliminates the desire to mate meaning your pet is more content to be a companion for you and your family.

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