Orthopaedic Surgery.

What is Orthopaedic Surgery?

Orthopaedic surgery encompasses any surgery that is related to bones or joints. It includes procedures such as fracture repairs, luxating patella repairs and cruciate repairs to name a few.

Our veterinarians will assess each case individually and provide the best advice and treatment options for you and your pet. While we can perform a number of orthopaedic surgeries in practice, more complicated orthopaedic cases such as spinal surgery will need to be referred to a specialist orthopaedic surgeon. 

The Vet Lounge offer the following orthopaedic procedures:

Cruciate Ligament Repairs

Patella Luxation Surgery

Fracture Repairs

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Easy payment options available:

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If your pet requires orthopaedic surgery, please contact The Vet Lounge Coomera on 07 5502 3333 to have them assessed.

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