Boarding Holiday Policies.

Holiday Bookings

Holiday bookings are different to other times of the year. Please read the following carefully and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


To make a Christmas booking, a $200 deposit must be made. This can be paid with credit card over the phone. The deposit is refundable if your booking is cancelled prior to November 30. From December 1st, the deposit is not refundable. Sorry, we do not accept bookings without a deposit for Christmas stays.

One of our staff will contact you for final payment in the first week of November. If by December 1st you have not paid the remaining amount, the booking will be cancelled and there will be no refund of the deposit.

Minimum Stay

There is also a minimum stay requirement of 14 days over Christmas/New Year. You can place a booking and collect your pet earlier than 14 days however payment for the full 14 days will still be required.


    To make an Easter booking, a $50 deposit must be made. Full payment for Easter bookings is required 30 days prior to the booked stay. Failure to pay will result in your booking being cancelled. As this is a busy period and people will be turned away due to accommodation being booked out, this payment in non refundable.

      Admission and Discharge for Christmas & Easter

      We do not accept admissions or discharges on Public Holidays. Public Holiday dates change each year depending on when the holiday falls e.g. Christmas day may fall on a Sunday so the public holiday for that day is on Tuesday. Please check with us if there is a certain day you need to drop off or collect your dog or cat.

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