Eye Problems

Your pet’s eye consultation

Your pet’s eye consultation began with the veterinarian asking specific questions related to your pet’s eye/s, as well as general questions regarding their overall health. 

Secondly, a five-point examination was performed, which included:

1. Distance and close up eye exam 

2. Diagnostics 

3. Examination behind third eyelid (if applicable) 

4. Examination with focal light, darkened room, magnification (if applicable) 

5. Physical examoverall general health check

From there, the results of the above were discussed and a treatment plan was made. 

Below are some additional eye resources you might find useful.




Vertical ear canal


Ciliary body












Hover over the image to view eye anatomy

Eye Resources

Eye Testing – Tonometry

Administering Eye Meds

During your pet’s consult, you were given a handout on Eye Problems. If you have misplaced this handout or would like a digital copy, please click the button below to download it.

If you have any further questions about any of the above information, please do not hesitate to contact us.