• Cat and Dog Boarding

The Vet Lounge at Upper Coomera offers both Dog & Cat boarding.

The Vet Lounge at Currumbin offers Cat Boarding.

All rooms (both dogs & cats) are fully air conditioned (or heated) with a solid glass door so guests do not feel ‘caged’. Rooms also have relaxing music played around the clock and power points have been installed for those cats who drink from fountains or require a Feliway Diffuser (a diffuser similar to a scent diffuser for the house except the Feliway Diffuser diffuses scientifically proven calming pheromones which help settle your cat).

All dog rooms and some of the premium cat rooms are also fitted with televisions.

A huge amount of effort went into the design of the boarding suites to ensure your pets stay is a positive one. We have tried to incorporate a real ‘home feel’ in all of the rooms.

Veterinarians and Veterinary Nurses are on site, so pets that require medication such as Insulin injections or tablets are most welcome.

For more information on our luxury boarding suites, please visit the full website:  www.boardinglounge.com.au

What People Are Saying About Us

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Hi all It is always a pleasure to drop Jessie our cat off at the vet lounge as Jessie our burmese  is starting to learn she is really a “cat” ! Horror!  And the whole team have the patience with me to introduce the crew that is currently boarding there. I especially love the fact that through the experience of the team they realised with jessie first up that the grab and bite on the ankles when they left the room only meant please pat me more and not that she is a complete feral cat. Mind…

[/lvca_testimonial_slide][lvca_testimonial_slide author=”Ms McPherson”]

A big thank you for caring for Tilly while we visited Melbourne for 6 days. Just thought you would like to know that after picking her up she spent the night crying at the window wanting to go back to the Daintree Forest!

[/lvca_testimonial_slide][lvca_testimonial_slide author=”Chantal with Freedom”]

The Vet Lounge deserve the very highest accolades. In November of 2013, I contacted the Vet Lounge from New Zealand, as my cat, Freedom was due to fly to the Gold Coast, and would be in need of long term boarding. The Vet Lounge had been recommended to me by friends, who had seen a write up in the local paper about their winning services and had also used the facilities themselves.




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royal canin cut outHere at The Vet Lounge we feed all of our boarding visitor a premium diet of Royal Canin. It is our belief that this food provides a complete balance diet for cats and dogs.

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