Each time you visit us, our number one goal is that you leave with confidence, understanding what is wrong with your pet (if they are ill) and being confident to administer any medications. It is also important to us that you are confident with what you have to do to keep your pets healthy if they visit for a routine appointment like a vaccination.

Our vets are educators

We are so serious about helping you better care for your pets, that we developed an Application for iPad called the iConsult which enables our vets to show you diagrams when they explain your pets condition and then email you an e-book so you can read more at home. The e-books have been written by our vets (so you know the information is correct) and they’re great to share with other family members who were not able to attend the consultation with you.

Follow up phone call

On top of visually helping you understand your pets conditions and sending home further information, our nurses also follow up with a phone call 24-48 hours after your appointment to see how your pet is responding to our treatment and to ensure you are administering any medications successfully. This is also the perfect opportunity to ask any questions that you may not have thought to ask during your consultation. If our nurse is unable to answer your question, they’ll consult with a vet and call you right back.

Taking the fear out of the visit

A relaxing atmosphere is very important for patients, so we offer comfortable lounge chairs and relaxing piped music in the reception area. A lot of clients who visit us for the first time are amazed at how much more relaxed their pet is as they normally ‘hate the vet’. We love to hear that our efforts are making a difference to our patients! Our vets can also spray calming pheromones on their clothes so they don’t smell threatening. Lots of small things make a big difference to a fearful patient. We also bribe with lots of food treats!